In School Support

Preparation for mocks and the summer GCSEs

The school recently introduced “exam preparation support sessions” at lunchtime and after school. These replace the old “revision support” sessions because it is vital for students to distinguish between exam support in school as opposed to the revision they should be doing at home.

Revision is about:

  • revisiting topics you have already been taught
  • working out the gaps in your own knowledge
  • devising a way that works for you to make sure you can recall that information in an exam

Exam preparation in school is about:

  • reinforcing learning
  • looking at revision styles
  • looking at exam tips and techniques
  • reviewing exemplar answers

To enable all parents and carers to best support their child we are running Exam Support Seminars on a choice of two dates in November and will be repeating these again in the Spring.

All parents and carers are invited to attend one of the seminars where they will learn about:

  • revision techniques to support their child
  • what resources their child can access on line
  • strategies to manage exam stress
  • how best to help their child

Please don’t forget that your child’s subject teachers, their tutor and their Head of House are all available to support you in the build up to the final exams.

Revision timetable