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Hello there.

How are you all?

Not many of you have met me, as Mrs Matthews brought me to Support Centre a few days before this thing called lockdown started! My name is Harriet the hamster and I am writing the blog for that hoity-toity and stuck-up rabbit Pippin, as she says she is too busy writing a book?

I remember a few of you though, especially a boy called Cody. He has been sending Mrs Matthews music this week and she keeps singing a song called Sweet Caroline and then crying saying, “happy tears”. Sometimes she doesn’t seem quite right!

I live in my beautiful cage in the kitchen. I am a bit high up because Rosie wants to play with me all the time, (Mr Matthews says she wants to eat me), but I am hoping he is joking! I watch all the goings on in the big cage they all live in here. Mrs Matthews cooks a lot of lovely things and then says the diet isn’t going well-whatever that is? She gives me treats as well-I love cheese.

I can’t wait to come back to Support Centre and to meet you all properly. I will be coming back in with Pippin as soon as I can. I will get Mrs Matthews to bring my ball that I can go around in, she says you have to keep it away from Mrs Roberts, but I am not sure why. I am not looking forward to living next door to Pippin again. She thinks she is so important and she says I smell. I did point out to her that I am the one who lives with the humans and I am the only pet who has an inside toilet. So guess what? She flicked something at me and I think it was poo! She is a bad neighbour!

Pippin says she will write to you all next week. See you all soon. Lots of love and cheese,
Harriet XXX

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