Pippin’s blog week 10

Hello everyone!

Well, I have had a fantastic week-have you? It started off with my drama class again and this week I learned how to tell jokes and I can give that Archie a run for his money. Here are two of my favourites;

  • Why does the rabbit bring toilet paper to the party? Because he is a party pooper.
  • What’s invisible and smells like carrots? Rabbit farts.

I am sooooo funny!

Rabbit yoga went well until Max joined and got bored and wee-ed on me and my favourite pot of parsley which is disgusting. REALLY DISGUSTING!

Mrs M was at school again this week so I had the human hutch to myself, as the whole lot of them went out. It was gloriously peaceful and they don’t realise I can sneak in. I popped on the telly-box thing and watched a David Attenborough documentary and had a few carrots. The dogs are a problem, especially Max and his wee but he doesn’t do that indoors, so I am safe. I did chew Mrs M’s slippers but as she doesn’t know I can get in, she will blame that idiot Max. Do you know he can smile and also cross his eyes- but that also happens to Mrs M’s eyes when she is tired and Mr M laughs and calls her names!  Mrs M thinks Max looks so cute and kisses him. I wouldn’t, as he eats poo and sniffs bums!!!

Mr Matthews has been out picking the fruit in my garden and I have waiting for some-but guess what? It is being cooked! Who does that?

Mrs M has read me more fantastic work form Harrison and Cody. I must admit they are brilliant story writers and need to be really proud of their work.

I have a surprise for you next week! So, keep looking!

Take care all of you, lots of love,   Perfect Pippin x