Reward NameReward DescriptionHouse Point Cost
PenA single pen10
Charitable donation - To the interact CharityYou can choose to donation your points to our fund (split between CHAT and Heads Together) at an exchange rate of 3p per point25
Roller Ball pen1 0.5mm Roller Ball pen, black liquid ink25
Erasers4 Novelty Erasers35
Tennis Ball1 Tennis Ball45
House Water Bottlein the colour of your house60
Maths setincludes: 45" & 60" set squares, 15cm ruler, 180 degree protractor, compass, pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser75
Meal in the refectoryMail meal and pudding voucher90
Colouring PencilsColouring pencils100
FootballA size 4 football110
FootballA size 5 football110
Rubik's cubeSolve this and you are own your way to becoming a genius150
£2.50 Off Leavers Hoodie£2.50 off year 11 leavers hoodie. Cash in here and then collect your voucher from the store before going to accounts150
Rugby BallSize 5 Rugby Ball150
Electronic Scientific CalculatorScientific calculator with back cover and 2 colours: Green and orange 175
Love to shopLove to shop £5 voucher250