Attendance records and policies

Students should have a good record of attendance.  Only school can authorise an absence.

When a student returns to school after an absence, a letter should be given to the tutor explaining the reasons for the absence.  There may be occasions where medical evidence to support an extended period of absence or frequent absences is required.  Absence letters should be sent to the Attendance Officer via the collection box in the Attendance Office.

  • Each term we are going to track student’s attendance very closely.
  • We will aim to have all students reaching a minimum of 95% attendance each term (they cannot miss more than 3 days during the term). To encourage this, we will have a prize draw each term for all those achieve this on THN.
  • We will also have a prize draw for all the students who manage to achieve 100% attendance each term (missing no sessions at all during the term) on THN.

Students who truant will automatically receive an after school detention.

Why good attendance is important:

  • 1 School year at 90% attendance – 4 whole weeks of school missed.
  • 90% Attendance – ½ day missed every week
  • 90% Attendance every year during secondary school = ½ school year missed.
  • Research shows that 17 missed school days in a year will result in at least one whole GCSE grade drop in achievement.

Top tips

  • Medical appointments are ideally after school.
  • If a medical appointment is in the school day, try not to take the whole day. Try and get registered in school at AM registration before going for your appointment, and/or come back in the afternoon for PM registration to gain your registration mark.


There is no movement time allowed between lessons, therefore students need to ensure that they get to their next lesson as quickly as possible, without running.

Staff should endeavour to allow students to pack up on time at the end of each lesson.  Students should not take it upon themselves to begin packing away without the teacher’s permission.  Students should expect to be dismissed in an orderly manner.

Students should never be dismissed before the end of the lesson – this causes a nuisance to other classes still in progress and can result in students trying to get to the Refectory before break or lunchtime has officially started.

  • This year we are having a big push for lessons starting on second bell(this is clearly noted by the bell for registration/lesson 3/lesson 5). If you are not there by the second bell, you are late.
  • Lateness will be picked up and sanctions put in place.

IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the information below.

WARNING: If you allow your child to miss school in term time for an avoidable reason without obtaining the prior approval of the school, you may be issued with a Penalty Notice(£60/ £120) per parent per child, or made the subject of court proceedings under section 444Education Act 1996.

As a parent/carer, you can demonstrate your commitment to your child’s education by not allowing your child to miss school for anything other than an exceptional and unavoidable reason.

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