School uniform policy

UniformTiverton High School is proud of its uniform and how our students appear, both in school and to the public. We believe this reflects positively on our school, but more importantly it ensures our students feel prepared for work and face fewer distractions in the classroom.

We also believe that through upholding our policies around behaviour, uniform and personal appearance all students are seen as equal.

This policy sets out the responsibilities of students, parents and staff as together we work to ensure that every member of the school community respects this aspect of our school ethos.

The responsibilities of students

It is the responsibility of our students to make themselves aware of this school policy, and to uphold it. This includes:

  • knowing the correct uniform that should be worn.
  • the correct way in which the uniform should be worn.
  • bringing adequate equipment into school.
  • the care taken in their personal appearance while in uniform.

Students should also be aware that failure to follow this policy may lead to sanctions, which are outlined at the end of this document.

The responsibility of parents

Parents/guardians should be familiar with the uniform regulations provided annually by the school and should facilitate their child/children in obtaining the correct items. The school has taken great care in selection of uniform items, including consideration of affordability and practicality in sourcing uniform.

Parents are expected to support the school in its insistence that their son/daughter follows the regulations. If disciplinary action proves necessary then parents will be expected to support the school in the enforcement of whatever action is deemed necessary.

Note that the school retains the right to make and implement decisions in regards to implementing this policy.

The responsibility of staff

Our staff will ensure that the students in the school are made aware of the contents of this policy.

It is the responsibility of all staff to familiarise themselves with the uniform regulations as issued annually to parents.

It is expected that all staff will help to ensure that the uniform regulations are followed, and to enforce sanctions when necessary.

Acceptable uniform

Thomas Moore is our official school supplier of uniform and all of our uniform can be purchased from there (except for PE uniform which is purchased online or in-store from Stitch2Print). Most standard items such as trousers, shirts etc. can be purchased from supermarkets or local shops.

We will accept school uniform purchased from other shops/suppliers as long as it meets the criteria below and has been riveted by the school. We a do hold a small selection of school uniform at school should parents wants to enquire.

  • Jacket*: Tiverton High School jacket with logo (Thomas Moore)
  • Shirt: A long or short sleeved plain white shirt with collar buttoned to the neck.
  • Tie*: Correct year group tie (Thomas Moore) – see below.
  • Trousers: Riveted plain black full length school trousers.
  • Shorts: Riveted plain black school shorts, worn at an appropriate and respectable length.
  • Jumpers: Plain black V-neck knitted jumper or cardigan over shirt and tie (optional). With or without THS logo. This cannot be worn as an alternative to the school jacket.
  • Socks: Black or white socks.
  • Footwear: Plain black leather/synthetic flat shoes.
  • Jewellery: Maximum of two stud earrings. Badges issued by the school. Watches (not smart watches). A single clear flat nose stud retainer.
  • Hair & makeup: Discreet make-up, if worn. Tattoos and body art are not permitted.
  • Equipment: We expect students to attend school with the minimum equipment of a pencil case, pen, pencil, ruler. Where possible we will provide a loan of equipment until the student can rectify the situation e.g. borrow equipment from a classmate, purchase equipment from refectory.

Large bag suitable for carrying all equipment and books.

The following are not allowed:

  • Trousers: Leggings, jeggings, jeans, skin-tight/stretch trousers, shiny trousers, trousers with zip adornment, cropped or ¾ length trousers.
  • Shorts: Shorts that are not an appropriate or respectable length or that do not allow a reasonable range of movement.
  • Jumpers: Round-necked jumpers. Hoodies (with the exception of PE hoodies to be worn only when taking part in PE).
  • Socks: Knee-high or coloured socks.
  • Footwear:  Canvas/skater style shoes. No coloured logos/laces or coloured accents.
  • Jewellery: More than two stud earrings. Hoop or bar earrings. Rings or any other jewellery. Nose studs that are not clear. Any other facial piercings. No false nails, coloured nail varnish or acrylic nails.

If jewellery is confiscated for the first time a student may collect it at the end of the day. The second time a student can collect it after a week. If it is confiscated for a third time a student can collect it after half term.

  • Hair: No unnatural hair colours, and no exaggerated hair styles

* Jackets and ties must be worn at all times on the school site and in class, unless staff advise otherwise (e.g. during hot weather) or in a lesson where this is not appropriate.

Non-uniform days

School will write to parents in advance of any non-uniform days and our expectations are below. This may also apply to off-site visits such as Geography field trips.

  • No abusive or offensive logos/branding on clothing
  • No cleavages/midriffs visible – no low cut or cropped tops.
  • No halter neck or strappy tops
  • No underwear to be visible

PE kit

The compulsory items of kit you will need to order from Stitch2Print are:

  • THS Hobby Polo
  • A choice of THS Shorts or THS Elba Tracksuit Bottoms or THS Leggings or THS Katy Ladies Skort (only 1 of these is compulsory)
  • THS Classic Socks

Two long sleeve options are available for sweatshirts: the THS Faraon ¼ Zip or the THS Hoodie.

Procedures to be followed when a pupil fails to adopt the correct uniform, appearance and equipment

Any member of staff may and will address a student regarding their failure to follow this policy. Our aim is to minimise any disruption in class, and to enforce the policy consistently and with clarity without judgment on the cause.

If a student fails to meet any single element of this policy (uniform, appearance or equipment), we reserve the right to place them in “isolation” without argument until the situation can be rectified. For example, if a jacket has been left at home or if a student has lost the pencil case provided by the tutor, the student will remain in isolation for the rest of the day or unless a parent is able to rectify the missing uniform or equipment. This will be enforced consistently with zero tolerance, in order to minimise any disruption in class and ensure that students and staff understand the expectations.

Isolation in this context is a productive space provided in a separate room, where the student can do work we provide. This will ensure the student does not miss valuable learning time and avoids disruption to class learning.

Further failure or refusal to address the matter will lead to contact with the student’s parent/guardian and referral to the Head of year /senior leadership team for further disciplinary action.

Ties from Sept 2023

Ties from Sept 2024

THS second hand uniform shop

We now have a small uniform shop in reception. This has a selection of good quality second hand school uniform including PE kit and ties. The shop is open after school until 3.45pm and staffed by our reception team. If there is something you require please do call in. Prices start from as little as £2. If you have any good quality THS uniform that no longer fits or is no longer required please do consider donating it to the shop. All contributions can be dropped off at reception. 

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